Independent Shop vs Dealer

Proving why Mercedes-Benz of Collierville is the Best Choice for All Mercedes-Benz Owners…

Mercedes-Benz USA has conducted surveys and has found that nearly 100 percent of their owners want to have their car serviced by a facility approved by Mercedes-Benz USA, but as their cars age, some clients move to independent repair shops, against the advice of MBUSA. At Mercedes-Benz of Collierville, our task is to deliver the best: the highest quality service in the industry, from the information we provide to the personalized care you receive at our dealerships. Let’s look at all the aspects of a service experience and show you why Mercedes-Benz of Collierville is the Best Choice.

Master Trained Mercedes-Benz Technicians

We offer technicians who have the latest training from MBUSA and are using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment supplied by MBUSA that is made solely for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This equipment and training are not even available to independent repair shops. This combination of factory-trained technicians and Mercedes-Benz specific diagnostic equipment means that your car can be diagnosed and repaired in the shortest amount of time possible, meaning less time away from your car for you.

“An Independent may be able to fix your vehicle, but they’re not specifically trained for that specialty and sometimes waste time and money trying to figure out repairs that the specialist would find easily”

Newly-Lowered Pricing on Maintenance and Services

Mercedes-Benz found in their study that the main reasons a client would use a small, independent repair shop to service or maintain their Mercedes-Benz instead of a factory authorized facility is for a much lower price, and for convenience. We work every day to keep our prices low and make doing business with us easy and pleasant, and our regular customers know this about us, but many people new to the area or who have just bought a 5-10 year old Mercedes-Benz from an individual might not know the volume pricing we offer.

In this light, Mercedes-Benz of Collierville continually conducts market surveys of the independent repair shops in our area to ensure the most competitive pricing on all services for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Our clients are continually surprised that our prices are right in line and sometimes much lower than these independent shops, most offering their clients nothing other than price. Our very high volume of business and economies of scale allow us to be the most competitive in all areas – service, staff, amenities and pricing.

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts

Please note that Mercedes-Benz of Collierville uses only Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts and independent shop prices most likely include generic parts, not specified for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Why Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts? Using only Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts affords you measurable differences every mile you travel. Longevity, safety and warranty are just a few of many reasons to buy Genuine Parts.

When you choose Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts, you enjoy the reassurance and instinctive ease that comes with our Parts Warranty given on every Genuine Part:

24-months, unlimited mileage

24-months or 24,000 miles for transmissions

48-months or 50,000 miles for engine and long blocks (same coverage as for a new Mercedes-Benz)

Never settle for generic parts.

From today’s Models to the Classics, we are here for You.

We are here to service your Mercedes-Benz of any age! We gladly service, repair and order parts for any model year Mercedes-Benz.

Time Saving

Mercedes-Benz of Collierville offers many services to help save you time when it comes to having your car serviced and maintained. We are an authorized Express Service Center. It’s about you. And it’s about time. We’ll get you in, out and on your way in about an hour or less. You don’t even need to schedule an appointment. It’s dedicated care, total convenience, absolute ease.We have virtually no wait time to get your car in, so when you decide it is convenient for you to have your car serviced, you can count on almost always being able to get an appointment for that same day or the next. Easily book your own appointment from your device at

Loaner Vehicle and Shuttle Service

Mercedes-Benz of Collierville offers their clients alternate transportation in the form of a Mercedes-Benz shuttle that can pick you up and drop you off and Mercedes-Benz loaners that can also be scheduled when longer stay-overs are required of your vehicle.

While You Wait

If a short visit is all that is needed you can enjoy our state-of-the-art customer lounge area with refreshments, large screen plasma television, computers with high-speed internet access, a kids’ play area, all in the luxury setting that you deserve. You might also enjoy browsing the new models and learning about all that’s new with Mercedes-Benz.


New Tire Program = Savings for You

Mercedes-Benz USA has authorized Mercedes-Benz of Collierville to participate in their national tire program. This allows us to purchase tires specified for each Mercedes-Benz model, which maintains the industry-leading safety standard, and sell them to you for only $10 over cost, every day, no promo code needed. With the Mercedes-Benz Tire Program prices, a full set of Mercedes-Benz specified tires, mounting, balancing, and a Mercedes-Benz calibrated alignment will cost just about the same as what a tire store would charge, without the extra time involved in a separate appointment. Most people do not realize that there are tires made just for Mercedes-Benz vehicles and that only equipment provided by MBUSA can exactly align a Mercedes-Benz vehicle so that it will drive like it did when it was brand new, and maintain the safety standard instead of compromising it with a generic tire and alignment. Customers really appreciate the convenience of having new tires put on during a maintenance visit, saving them the hassle of going to a tire store.

Certified Maintenance Records and Recalls

Each time your vehicle is inspected, we check for the latest repair and recall updates from Mercedes-Benz. We also digitally maintain and store your vehicles complete maintenance records which have been proven to enhance resale value.


Chris Ellis – Parts & Service Manager – Chris moved to the Memphis area from his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, in 1993, where he began his more than 20-year career in the automotive industry at Dobbs Brothers GM, Mazda and Lexus. When Lexus became Lexus of Memphis in 1998, Chris joined the team as a parts sales associate and obtained the highest Lexus certification, “Lexus Master certified.” He joined the Mercedes-Benz of Collierville team in 2013, four months before the dealership’s completion, and assisted with building the parts department from the ground up. His favorite part about working here is that the facility offers top-notch equipment that helps everyone do their jobs more efficiently.


Feel free to stop in for a complimentary vehicle inspection to ensure your vehicle is ready for the road ahead. We will conduct an 85 point inspection free of charge. If you are new to the area, this would be the perfect way to let us introduce you to our friendly and knowledgeable Service Advisors and skilled Technicians.

You can call for an appointment at 901-316-3535 or set your own at .